ASYLUM ANIME “CELS FOR SALE” section back open

We have a version of the old “CELS FOR SALE” site back up at

It does not have links for the gengas in this version but you can still go to them at and it should bring up the Parent Directory. 

  The return links on the individual cels pages are not updated yet. Just click the BACK BUTTON on your browser to get back to the main CELS page!! 

     Some of the cels posted may be sold since we have not had a chance to update the page for a while. But we hope to get everything updated soon so I can start posting up new cels. Until then you can see some of my new cels when I post up cel auctions to my CXC_Collectibles EBAY account...

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Welcome to Asylum-Anime’s new site

The site is being worked on at the moment.


If you wish to contact Curt, the owner of Asylum Anime, feel free to email him at


We apologize for the inconvenience this is currently giving but the new site shall be up and in full swing in the very near future.



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Hello there world, this is Asylum-Anime!

Testing the features of wordpress. yay.

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Testing cels

Testing to make sure this works. yay



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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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